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Shakespeare Lives in 2016

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Here’s a thought. If there was a prize for most screenwriting credits, we’d have one of those. Unfortunately he can’t be here with us tonight. That’s because the winner, with over a thousand, is William Shakespeare. But how can a man who died long before the invention of cinema have racked up so many credits? Simple! By creating the most moving, exciting and injuring stories ever written. Shakespeare showed us what it means to be human. We’ve all been in love, sick or heartbroken by Romeo and Juliet, or felt Macbeth’s burning greed and ambition. And who hasn’t experienced jealousy like Othello? No wonder artist around the globe are still eager to adapt Will’s works.

So how will the British Council mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016? By bringing him back to life? Not exactly. But they are planning an international celebration of his life’s work called Shakespeare lives, the global programme of events and activities, bringing the UK’s Number 1 cultural icon to everyone. It is an invitation to the world to join in the festivities by participating in a unique online collaboration and experiencing the work of Shakespeare directly on stage, through film, exhibitions and in schools. It will run throughout 2016, exploring Shakespeare as a living writer who still speaks for all people and nations. Do you want to know more? Go to Shakespeare lives!

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