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"Primer llegeix tu i els altres imitaran el plaer que expandeixis". (Emili Teixidor)

When the day begins…

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‘When the day begins…’ This was the topic that the whole school shared to express their ideas, their feelings, thoughts and imagination in many different ways. The little ones made rhymes, others made drawings or wrote stories, and the eldest ones invented poems and essays.

I saw a lot of concentrated faces, even frustrated at some points, when trying to come up with the best ideas. I also saw them seeking for inspiration in everything they could: in music, in their classmates, sitting on the floor, looking through the window… Some needed silence whereas others needed the usual background noise of the classroom, but they all took their tasks very seriously.Captura de pantalla 2015-05-24 a les 12.48.23Undoubtedly, they could all count on the invaluable help of their teachers, who very patiently guided them through the whole process. What was definitely priceless were their proud faces when they finally achieved their goal and showed the result of so much effort. It was an afternoon full of concentration and perseverance and for sure I really enjoyed being part of this special celebration dedicated to creativity and art.

Written by Mrs. Michelle French, English language assistant in La Salle Reus.

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